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You want a to go on a vacation, but don't know the many basics precautions right? Well, lets figure them out and get you going. Here is an example of the type of questions we will be answering.



What are some safety tips for traveling safely?

The major way to deal with thing and travel safely is if you have kids with you make sure to teach them not to give out information out for any reason to anyone not even just a friend. Don't let them to be too friendly with strangers ether. You should always have with you an insurance documentation of you. Make sure you have with you every belonging and they are all secured safely. For that reason is that so many things get stolen or lost. Therefore, make sure twice everything is buckled up tightly and safely. Let say you are taking a vacation and you are getting there with your vehivle, in that case make sure that your car has been serviced before you leave to go anywhere. Even inside of the car should be checked and made sure that everything is clean and safe and ready to go. If you are taking an airplane trip be sure you know what is allowed on the airplane and what isn't. After the 9/11 everyone is very paranoid from the airlines these days. If you are leaving to another country or state be sure you research how the weather is out there, what it is like out there, what is fun to do over there, and if anything goes wrong how you can get help. Off course you need to be protecting you eyes and skin. You should have sun screen with you and if you are in the car be sure you have car-window shades. Eve sunglasses can help you from any type of injuries with your eyes. To stay energised and fresh and healthy be sure to drink a lot of water and wash your hands a lot. As much as you can and whenever you get a chance to. Stay with your kids as much as you can and if they are going to be wandering off be sure you know what colors they have on or where they are going to be exactly. If you have alot of cash or jewelry on make sure you don't let any one find out and dont draw a lot of attention to it. Rules are simple to follow if you want to stay safe, but you have to obey it and follow them.


What Countries Do Not Require a Visa to visit?

The following countries do not require US citizens to present a Visa in order to enter the country:


Great Britain
Hong Kong
New Zealand
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Vatican City



What Should I Pack with Me on My Next Vacation?

When I go on vacations the most important things that I need to have with me are underwear, condoms, when deciding on the clothing decide to go light,
cash, credit cards, medicine, heirlooms, eyeglasses, and passports. All of these however shouldn't be put into a cargo or somewhere wher it can be found. It should be very well hidden and not in sight. Try to take the clothing with you thats wrinkle free by making sure of that try rolling them instead of folding them. For less space to be occupied try to get the little things squeezed ortucked into ziplock bags or tubes. Then, put the tubes into your suitcase in the corners for less space. Especially dont forget to take tooth care, feminine products, couple pairs of shoes, and last but not least, electronics. Basically, when you are going on a vacation, just make sure that you pack light, and also make sure not to take too much of the same thing. Basic things are more important than the bigger things. Be carefull where you put your expensive belongings and make sure they are that valuable for you to take them on the road with you.


What are some romantic spots I can go to?

In the US, I found 5 great getaways in the US to go to for a romantic place to stay at. One of them was the Agate Cove Inn in Mendocino, CA. This place you can view the Pacific ocean off a cliff. This type of getaway is for a couple who don't want to do much but be together and see great and romantic things around them. Another great getaway romantic place is the Montchanin Village Inn, this place is not that big of a deal but has many great and enormous accessories inside the hotel rooms. You can just relax with your loved one and spend some quality time with him or her. The El Drisco Hotel is in San Francisco, CA. Over there you can geta hotel over looking the Bay and be able to do many fun and exciting things with your loved one. They have some of the worlds greatest breakfast restaurants their. You would enjoy your stay over there in San Francisco because you would be amazed by how many great and enchantings there are to se over ther including the great views from the hotel rooms. In Vegas, however, the Hard Rock Hotel has some great because of all the lights surrounding it, and all the great and wonderful shows and restaurants you can go to and enjoy your stay there you can have a romantic and fun time with your partner. This stay wouldn't be all quite because ther is so many people over there to be surrounded with, therefore if you are looking for a quite time to spend with your loved one I wouldn't recommend Las Vegas. However, if you are trying just to get closer with your partner and have fun with them and even have some intimite moments Vegas is the place. Finally, the last place that is a great romantic getaway is the Hope Cottage in Mill Valley, CA. This hotel is a great place to stay at because it is over looking the Muir beach in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Over there you can experience how wonderfull wood is and how lovely greenery is. You can take nice long walks up very steep mountains and even walk up and down your street to get to your cabin. All these 5 places I just mentioned are all terrific places it just all depends on where you want to be at and how you want the environment around you to be like.


How can I save money on my next vacation?

Well the main reason why people go on vacations and save all that money durring they are down at their own city s that they can have left over dollars
to be able to spend when they are on their vacation. However be sure to know how to spend your money and on only important things that you think are valuable and worth your money. Money is pretty hard to make and earn, but spending it is very easy. You should always think before you waste your money. Lets say you are on a vacation and you want to use your car, but you know you can walk, then walk instead so that your money on gas will be saved. Plus when you are on a vacation you shouldn't be driving around you should be wasting your time and energy on your two legs and feet that you have. To keep your money in your pocket and not spend it on little snacks and foods you should always bring your own little snacks and drinks. That way you don't have to spend money on it. Ask for discounts where ever you are and see if they have any specialties or discout coupons for anything that will come in handy. Try to keep away from the ATM that way you wont keep going and getting money. Try not to have a lot of cash with you all the time. Only take as much as you want to spend that one day don't take so much because that might encourage you to spend all of it for no reason. Be sure you aren't parking in spots where it says you have to pay this much if you go over the limit of timing. Be free with everything and wise about the decisions you are making. You can save enough money these ways that you might want to stay an extra day or two by saving up all that money from little things.


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